Humanity has achieved progress as it has deepened its mutual understanding and shared its wisdom, overcoming barriers due to national, regional, ethnic, generational, and other differences. Communication is the most critical activity in human society, and information and communications technology (ICT) is the basis of that communication. ICT is also the infrastructure that supports humanity's advanced intellectual and economic activities.

"...promotes the advancement of intellectual nations..."

Smart Wireless Laboratory promotes the full spectrum of research and development in ICT from basic to applied research with an integrated perspective, and thus promotes the advancement of intellectual nations that lead the international community. Moreover, Smart Wireless Laboratory forms close ties with the academic and business communities as well as with research institutes and returns its R&D findings to society in a broad range of fields. In this way, Smart Wireless Laboratory contributes to the creation of lifestyles that are affluent and safe, a society that is full of intellectual creativity and dynamism, and a world that values harmony and peace.

Due to the drastic increase in mobile communication devices, broadband wireless communication systems are becoming demanded. Furthermore, the scarcity of frequency spectrum results in the necessity to enhance the application of broadband communication systems.

Smart Wireless Lab’s reconfigurable radio front-end, is programmable to operate with all current and future cellular, wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless personal area network (WPAN), broadcast and positioning standards in the frequency range between 70MHz and 6GHz. The unique architecture of the flexible RF front-end achieves a power consumption, performance and CMOS chip area competitive with current state-of-the-art single mode radio front-ends.
The trend in wireless communication where terminals provide their users ubiquitous access to a multitude of services, drives the development of reconfigurable radios in deep-submicron CMOS. This is enhanced with the advent of LTE Advanced, a standard that is inherently so flexible that a reconfigurable radio is the most economical implementation. The single-chip reconfigurable transceiver together with the companion Highly-integrated Front-End Module (Hi-FEM) technology provides an answer to this need.
Security and Emergencies, Smart Cities, Smart Environment, Smart Water, Smart Metering, Retail, Industrial Control, Internet of Things, M2M.

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Wireless technologies work out of sight to allow people and things to carry out rich communications with peace of mind. Wireless technologies are used in most communication devices and applications around us.

Smart Wireless Laboratory conducts research and development of wireless communication and wireless network technologies to allow people and things to flexibly and reliably communicate in any kind of situation through the effective use of frequency and energy resources.

Smart Wireless Laboratory helps with the interconnection of things, and the integration with existing infrastructure, with the secure management of data.

Our group focuses on dependable autonomous distributed wireless networks, which interconnects those things with low latency, disaster-resistance, and flexibility, not depending on specific base stations or access points.